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How to Improve Sex Life in Couples

When it comes to sex it is very easy to fall into monotony if you and are your partner are not working together to improve your sex life. Sex is not the mere act of sleeping with someone you share feelings with or a stranger who you have just picked from the club. It is an intimate experience shared between people who have strong feelings for each other.

While there are different tricks and techniques that you can use to improve your sex life, it is important to know how it should be done.
Here are a few tips that you can use to enhance your sexual enjoyment with your lover.

Take it slow – This means that you should keep the movements slow as you allow sexual excitement to build up gradually. Similarly, this also helps everyone to relax since sex is not meant to be forceful.

Change the routine – This prevents premature ejaculation and monotony, which is associated with doing the same thing over and over again. This will help both of you to last long, while enjoying a fulfilling sexual experience.

Take a break – This is important when one runs out of energy or feels like they are about to climax. The few minutes can be used to stimulate your partner manually or orally. Also, the few intimate hours you share with your partner can greatly help you to learn how to please her better next time. Similarly, it may open a chance for you and your partner to talk about the act as well as complement each other for the wonderful time.

Focus on foreplay – To make sex memorable and awesome you can give your partner a longer experience by pillow talk, kissing and touching. Giving your partner oral and manual stimulation helps improve sex life a great deal.

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