Common Erectile Dysfunction Pills in the Market

Erectile dysfunction pills are medications taken to treat sexual problems in males. These problems can be linked to erectile dysfunction or impotence which are known to impact the sexual performance of the affected person. This article will provide a list of well-known erectile dysfunction pills that many have used in the past to solve their penile erectile losses.


Apart from treating erectile problems, it can also be used to improve sexual stimulation. It functions by allowing more blood to be directed to the penis, which in turn allows a man to achieve an erection throughout the session. Although the drug has enjoyed massive success in the recent past, it’s very important that one consults with their health care professionals before using it.


This is a popular sex enhancing pill that not only makes it possible to get an erection, but also maintain it during sex. Unlike Cialis which can last up to 36 hours, Viagra only lasts 4 hours once it is absorbed in the body. It also works in the same fashion of allowing blood to be pumped into the penis, which improves sexual enjoyment in both partners.


This is another drug that is absorbed in the body through oral administration. However, unlike other sexual enhancers, you are not supposed to use water when you are taking these drugs. According to the leaflet that is provided with the pill, you are supposed to place it on your tongue and completely give it time to dissolve. Similarly, the leaflet strongly cautions against drinking or eating grapes when one is under the medication. This is because there is a strong link between increased side-effects and the consumption of grape fruits.
These are some of the common erectile dysfunction pills that you can get in the market.

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