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Causes of Male Erectile Dysfunction

Male erectile dysfunction is a common problem that affects one in every eight individuals. It is a problem that makes it hard for a person to get and maintain an erection during the act of copulation. While there are many causes that are known to contribute to this problem, many are of the opinion that eating right can help make things a little better. Here is a list of the things known to worsen or lead to male erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes

Many people will openly admit that erectile dysfunction is mostly caused by physical reasons. Some of the causes may include:

Metabolic syndrome: this is a condition that increases insulin levels and blood pressure in the body. It is also known to lead to high fat deposits around the waist and other parts of the body.

Diabetes: this problem can end up affecting blood circulation, which in turn may lead to ED-related issues.

Peyronie’s disease: this is another key candidate contributing to erectile dysfunction. It affects the penis’s ability to function by forming scars inside its tissues.

Low testosterone: this is a very important hormone contained in the male’s testicles, which helps in sexual stimulation. If one has a low level of testosterone, then that means their sex drive is low which could explain why they are having problems when it comes to enjoying sex.

Psychological causes

Sexual stimulation involves many things such as the brain, emotions, muscles, nerves and blood vessels to make it successful. Similarly, if a person is undergoing a difficult stage in life, this can largely affect their ability to enjoy sex with their partners.

Some of these psychological causes known to affect sex include depression and stress. Relationship problems such as mistrust, infidelity and communication breakdown are all known causes of male erectile dysfunction.

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